We provide outdoor and intimate shows in the interiors indicated by the client.

The constantly updated and modernized hardware park allows us to carry out shows of any size and complexity.

We use two systems – Pangolin and Phoenix. They enable us to create laser animations or entire timecode shows programmed with light and multimedia. As the only one we can combine a laser and holographic show creating completely new, unknown effects.


Laser shows with animation or logos should last no longer than about 8 minutes. This is dictated by the viewer’s perception. Therefore, we propose, if the event scenario allows it, a few shows away in time (eg after coffee breaks during the conference)

Animations and graphics can be displayed on tulle screens (we have several electrically developed screens) or can be combined with multimedia.


Always remember to properly smoke the room and warn the room staff if the event takes place inside.

Laser shows:

Chorzów 150 lat

Stargard New Year’s Eve 2017/2018

Zgierz / 5 RGB lasers

Showreel 2016

Expo Ptak

Hotel Ossa animation

Laser mapping:

PGE Metro Centrum

Peugeot 308 GTI

Adidas Mapping

Laser projection:


Inflatable screen

Laser projections

Laser games and laserman:




Laser scenography:


Iłława SCA

Lasers and holography

Laser shows at weddings:

A show with a laser heart

Show with screen and heart

Lion Hill Nakuru Kenya