Holographic shows are a novel way of presenting objects and people who seem to float in the air or appear in space out of nowhere.

The use of this technique during events in an interesting way is diversified by light shows, allowing to highlight selected elements of the projection in a spectacular way. Holographic presentations can be carried out anywhere, both indoors and in customer plein-airs selected by the client. We use several carriers for holographic presentations:

  • holographic screen 2 x 3m
  • holographic screen 4 x 3m
  • holographic screen 9 x 3m
  • mobile hologram with glass 1.5x1m
  • Holobox170
  • holographic glass 3×2 m
  • holographic pyramids 360′

It is worth planning a holographic presentation earlier in order to create an illusion perfect even with the set design. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.


A completely new solution is a holographic concert such as Michael Jackson lasting 12 minutes. At the end there may be an encore with a length of about 2 minutes. In our portfolio, we also have Freddy Mercury from Queen and, for example, Jan III Sobieski and numerous leaders.

Another option is presentations on a holographic screen, instead of using standard projection screens. Such an innovative solution is increasingly used and enjoys growing popularity.

Holographic shows:

Holographic concert / Michael Jackson


Selected projects

Nestle conference

Holographic conference

Audi A8 Premiere

Holographic scenery and fairs:

Wprost Innowatory